Red fruit pie with vanilla limoncello mousse  photo

Red fruit pie with vanilla limoncello mousse

by Inge Mersseman

persons: ±3


  • almond biscuit
  • vanilla limoncello mousse
  • white chocolate mousse
  • red fruits


Almond biscuit, 2 baking plates of 40/60cm

  • 7 eggs
  • 3 yolks
  • 180 g sugar
  • 70 g nut oil
  • 80 g almond powder
  • 180 g flour
  • Cocoa powder

cover 2 baking plates with baking paper

whip up the eggs, egg yolks and sugar until stiff

sieve the flour and the almond powder

mix gently the oil under the mixture

gently stir the flour into the egg mass

bring the biscuit dough in a small layer in the baking plates and sprinkle with cacao powder

bake in a preheated oven at 210˚ C for ±4 min

cool off

cut into strips of 5 cm width to create a collar inside the ring

 shape some holes in the middle of the biscuit (with a flan ring), and divide the biscuit in the middle to create half holes 

Vanilla limoncello mouse

  • 7 yolks
  • 2 eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 vanilla pod (seeds only)
  • 2 lime zest
  • 210 g suggar
  • 100 g water
  • 16 g gelatin
  • 80 g lemon juice (±4st)
  • 900 g cream

beat up the cream for 3/4th and put in the refrigerator

whisk the yolks, salt, lime zest and seeds of the vanilla pod and beat until stiff

bring to boil sugar and water to 121˚ C, pour the sugar in a small squirt into the beaten yolks

repeat beating them up, cold

heat up the lemon juice and soak the gelatin

add some of the egg mass to the gelatin, stir again into the egg mass, and gently stir in the cream


take a ring and cover with plastic wrap

push the almond biscuit strip to the border of the ring

pour the mousse in the middle of the ring to 1cm above the almond biscuit

put aside to stiffen

gently remove the ring and plastic wrap

decorate with the red berries

Product used

Red fruit mix for bakery 3 fruit
Red fruit mix for bakery 3 fruit photo

packaging: 4 x 2,5 kg