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by Maarten Jordaens



  • Bouillon blood orange / passion fruit
  • IQF fruit Crop's
  • Sorbet white peach
  • Build up


Bouillon blood orange / passion fruit

  • 200 g blood orange puree
  • 40 g passion fruit puree
  • 30 g sugar
  • 0,6 g guargom

Heat passion fruit puree with sugar till boiling point.

Add blood orange puree.

Cool down.

Add guargom by using a hand blender.





IQF fruit Crop's

  • IQF Raspberry (punnet)
  • IQF Blackberry
  • IQF mango Chucks
  • IQF mandarin
  • IQF Green apple
  • IQF Pear

Sorbet white peach

  • 200 g water
  • 500 g white peach puree
  • 100 g cream stabiliser (procrema)
  • 100 g sugar

Heat water, sugar and procrema till boiling point.

Add puree.

Cool down for one night in fridge.

Make sorbet by using an ice-cream machine.


Build up

  • different iqf fruits
  • atsine cress and basil
  • bouillon
  • sorbet white peach

Product used

Blood orange puree
Blood orange photo

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