Crop’s sustainability
quality and R&D



We give our fruit the time it needs to grow and develop its full flavor. Only then is the time right for it to be picked.

To make sure our fruit is handled with the best of care, we build longstanding and loyal partnerships with local growers. Therefore we opened an Agroshop next to the factory in Serbia. Local growers visit the shop for additional information, technical support and the buying of related materials.

Furthermore we see to it that all work is carried out with respect for the environment by:

  • - keeping energy consumption low
  • - recycling the water used in processing
  • - maximum recycling of packaging material
  • - minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers

Next to that, we also follow a strict ethical policy to enable our staff to work in a healthy and safe environment, no child labour is permitted and we see to full compliance with all relevant EC or worldwide legislations.




All starts with our quality team in Belgium. They constantly work on an analysis plan with strict quality specifications, conform European legislation. This analysis plan is the quality guideline for our worldwide processing units and partner growers. Their quality officers control the fruit with the Crop’s specifications.

The state-of-the-art production and packing facilities, in compliance with HACCP standards, are also approved by numerous accreditation agencies (BRC, EFSIS).



Just like for you, innovation and product knowledge is of utmost importance to Crop’s.  Therefore Crop’s dynamic R&D department ensures the constant development of increasingly qualitative and convenient products. 
The quality department and pastry chefs select new fruits based on their variety, country of origin, cut size, sweetness, colour, taste, drip loss, …
Next to the product knowledge we also invest in the latest freezing technologies in our production units, this to bring you the best solution for your specific needs. 


Let us give you
a practical example:
Pineapple from Costa Rica


Pineapple cultivation

Costa Rica is the best growing region in the world for pineapple cultivation.  We have a production plant and close partnerships with local growers in Costa Rica. 


Picked at full ripeness, cut into the desired shape and size


Quality control in our plant in Costa Rica

- physical parameters (presence of core and skin, brix, molds, foreign materials, ripeness, ...)
- microbiological parameters
- presence of pesticides and heavy metal


freezing, packing & shipping

After freezing (Individually Quick Frozen) and packing, the pineapple pieces are shipped in sealed containers. Temperatures are constantly registered with 2 temperature recorders, installed in front and at the back of the container.  


Second quality control in Crop's Belgium

Our fruit quality officers control

- the temperature registrations
- brix, size, presence of core and skin
- the presence of strange materials and
- the condition of the frozen pineapple


independent laboratory

Next to internal quality controls, incoming and outgoing products are also regularly checked on microbiology by a certified independent laboratory.


delivery last control

A last control takes place at the moment of delivery to the client.


Thanks to these multiple control steps,
we can keep our promise: to deliver quality
products, today as well as in the future.