Frozen quality fruit for quality pastries

Week after week we deliver the same high end ingredients for you to create the quality products your customers keep coming back for.


Bringing fruity sensations from our fields to your creations

Crop’s has more than 30 years of experience in the cultivation and freezing of the best fruit varieties and this with respect to our 4 basic principles: Tasty, Healthy, Easy & Perfect looking.


  • Great natural taste of fresh fruit

  • Full ripeness

  • From our own fruit fields & production plants


  • Cultivated with the greatest care and respect for Mother Nature

  • Free from artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and added sugar

  • Maximum vitamin retention


  • Convenience: no cleaning, cutting or peeling

  • All year round available

  • Maximum margin & profit:
    - No waste
    - 1kg bought
    = 1kg drained net weight
    = 1 kg ready to use

Perfect look

  • Natural & stable texture

  • Homogeneous caliber

  • Minimum driploss

  • Rich colour


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Maarten Jordaens