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More than thirty years ago we started out as a small agricultural family business with a passion for fruit and a keen eye for excellence. Today we operate all over the world, cultivating and freezing fresh fruit in the world’s best fruit growing regions.


Crop's fruitplantations,

in the best growing regions worldwide

From the exotic soils of Costa Rica and Chile to the rich grounds of the Baltic States, we know our top growers and farmers well.  We can rely on them to grow our fruit producers under the best conditions, picked at their very peak of sun-drenched ripeness.


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serbia country

Crop's processing unit

Pozega / Arilje

La mejor región del mundo para cultivar frambuesas

- Nueva fábrica en Pozega
- Plantación de 15 hectáreas frambuesas Fertodi

- Mucho control de calidad/trazabilidad
- Flexibilidad

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morocco country

Crop's processing unit


Growing & freezing the best strawberries, fitting the industry’s most demanding needs

Factory in Larache, surrounded by the strawberry fields of the Maghreb

Camarossa strawberries: dices, slices, halves, whole, irregular chunks

safe cultivation, full tracking and tracing:
- pesticides and biocides control

Morocco photo
costa rica country

Crop's processing unit

Costa Rica

Producción de piña MD2 IQF

La mejor región del mundo para cultivar la piña.

Costa Rica photo
Fruta 100% natural, sabor 100% puro

Picked at sunrise, frozen & packed a few hours later

To capture the freshness of the field, each one of Crop’s freezing and packing units is located in close proximity to the growing area.  That is why we make sure, the sun-ripened fruit are selected, cut and frozen within 2 to 4 hours of harvesting. 
Because we are able to freeze our fruit products quickly, we can assure maximum preservation of vitamins, flavours and texture.  This guarantees 100% natural fruit with 100% pure taste without artificial colouring or additives. 


A wide range that promises freshness and perfection every time

Straight from our fields to the pastries in your shop window, we take every measure to guarantee great results for your baking and pastry products.

Our in-house pastry chefs and quality managers are constantly analyzing different fruit varieties and cut sizes to have a complete overview of fruit types and their specific applications.  Based on their research and expertise, we can offer you the right product for each of your applications.

Week after week we deliver the same high end ingredients for you to create the quality products your customers keep coming back for.